WRT 105 @ 6:30| Post Your Review of [insert your documentary here]

We’ve discussed how film reviews differ according to both purpose, (sub)genre, medium, and context.

We have also noticed (and focused on) the level of interpretation varies according to context, purpose, persona, genre, audience, and medium. The class also noticed that, at times, user reviews share much in common with professional reviews, especially in the analytical moves the reviews make− we must wonder how the medium (i.e. the internet film site) affects the shape and content the reviews that site users post.

  • Some reviews are passionate and operate by way of evaluative claims.
  • Other reviews present mostly descriptive claims, at times with references to films readers may have or may not have screened.
  • Still other film reviews make interpretative claims that operate on a mix of descriptive and evaluative claims, often with a bit of social commentary mixed in. These user reviews seem the most like professional reviews.


For your next assignment, do a number of different things.

Internet / Blog Items

1. Compose and post your film review to a website by Sunday, 8pm. REMINDER!!! Provide the URL for the review you you post to the web.

  • Post the same review both to yours and the class’ blog sites, and then do a second post (as a reply to your first post) analyzing your choices in the review based on an awareness of audience, persona, and medium.

Non-Web / Non-electronic Items

2. Come to class with a short list of potential foci to guide your sustained visual analysis of your film.

3. Spend time practicing notice and focus with your film. Keep good notes. Use our “Common Rhetorical Strategies & Frameworks Used in Visual Arguments ” to help think about your film. Look for repetitions, binaries or other patterns emerging. Bring your observations notes to class.


21 thoughts on “WRT 105 @ 6:30| Post Your Review of [insert your documentary here]

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