WRT 105 @ 6:30| Everyday Digital Lives — Critical Issues (?)

Read EaT

  • Ch. 8, pp.398-408  (Intro and Glade essay.)
  • and Ch. 6, pp. 280-285 (Brown).

Watch Doug Belshaw’s “The essential elements of digital literacies” Consider the gist of Literacy Connection #1 (p.285) as it relates to both Brown & Belshaw.

Prompt:  In light of the two essays in Everything’s a Text, and Belshaw’s TEDx Talk, what are some critical issues that you feel these sources raise? How might we take these issues and build them into a topic of inquiry? Respond with ~ 500 words.

Post to both your blog site and the class site.   

Bring a hard copy to class.

9 thoughts on “WRT 105 @ 6:30| Everyday Digital Lives — Critical Issues (?)

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