Visual Literacies: Expanded (@5pm)


Read Pages 209-218 (Intro and Zemliansky) and pages 244-250 (Sturken & Cartwright) in chapter 5 of EaT.

Respond to the following prompt and post to both your Expressions blog site & our shared class site ( > Unit 2 : Situating Visual Literacies  > “Visual Literacy: Expanded”)

Prompt: Return to the focused freewriting writing you did in Thursday’s class. In light of the two essays in Everything’s a Text, how might you revise or expand your initial ideas about visual literacy?

Also post on your blog only:

Write a post about a documentary film you have seen and focus specifically on the visual elements of the film: what stayed with you? What was persuasive and why? If you have never seen a documentary film go to YouTube and watch one of the following film trailers— Taxi to the Dark Side(2007), The Thin Blue Line (1988), Nanook of the North (1922), Chain Camera (1999),Harlan County, USA (1976), Freakanomics (2010)— and write your blog post in response to it.

Review the excerpt from chapter 1 of Writing Analytically 

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