WRT 105 @ 5 | Documentary| Rhetorical Visual Analysis — Polished Draft

As we conclude  our “Situating Visual Literacies” Unit,  please do the three things that follow.

    • Post  to your WRT 105 blog site, on its own page, your “Rhetorical Visual Analysis”  and reflection assignment.
    • Post to the class blog site (i.e. below here) your visual analysis.
    • Lastly, bring to Thursday’s class meeting your manila folder. The folder should include these items: a clean copy of your polished visual analysis, your various rough drafts, and the feedback paperwork (sheets / comments etc.) we’ve generated over the last two (2) class meetings.

If need be,

  • review the details for the “Rhetorical Visual Analysis” on this page.
  • and review the “Reflection Assignment” details on this page.





45 thoughts on “WRT 105 @ 5 | Documentary| Rhetorical Visual Analysis — Polished Draft

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