WRT 105 @ 6:30| Museum of Science & Industry Report| Digital Media in Everyday Life

There are two (2) major items for next class.

  1. Complete the Library Database Assignment, the details for which are here or to right of this page’s menu tab. Post that your library assignment both to  that page and your site. 
  2. Read and complete the items below. 

Read Attitudes About Digital Media,” Part 3 of Digital Media in Everyday Life, The Museum of Science and Industry’s report our “digital lives.”

Go to the study’s main page and poke around a bit; explore the study’s three-prong approach and determine if their results ring true. What is your impression of parts 1 & 2? Is this study helpful to our inquiry?

Post a brief 4 sentence ¶ 2 sentence ¶ to this page.

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