Sometimes … life’s like this…

Okay, so I’ve chosen to edit the “Hello World” page and use it as the first page of my blog site.

I’ve also tried / experimented with a few other things:

  • I’ve edited the tagline for the site to something more appropriate
  • I’ve added content to my media library and experimented with adding / deleting images to use on the site. I’ve found that this particular theme, padhang, tends to tile images that I want to set as  background images. I think it may be possible to have the bkgrnd image display as a single image, but that may also be a function of the image size as well. I’m not sure.
  • I also tried experimenting with menus and parent/children pages… still not sure what happened except to say that it wasn’t what I had planned.


181 thoughts on “Welcome…

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