WRT @ 2|The film review as genre … what do we notice?

For Thursday, 10/9

 Post this assignment to your own blog and as a reply to this page.

Continue to watch & screen your documentary. If you have not yet completed the assignment for today, 10/7, do so first. Use this link, and reply to the assignment details in order to post your write-up.

Use the details below for Thursday’s assignment — note that they vary slightly from what appears on the syllabus / calendar.

Read a number of user reviews of your documentary; start with Netflix, but also check out IMDB (International Movie Database), Rotten Tomatoes, and other sites that allow users − none professionals− to post their thoughts and ideas. Note that these sites have numerous pages of commentary, so be sure to search far into the comments section, as doing so will give you a better sense of how people responded to the film over time.

  • Compile a running list of 10-15 reviews found on multiple sites. Also record / cut & paste the URLs for each review.
  • Analyze your sample and identify any patterns, trends, and anomalies in the reviews. Make a brief list of what you notice.

Go online and find two published reviews [written by professional film critics] of your film. Provide URLs.

Compose a blog post that addresses the qualities of the film review as a genrehow do the reviews you’ve collected differ using our big six as a point of comparison? Shoot for ~ 300 words (a little more than a page); quote from each type of review as you craft your comparison− what do you notice?



18 thoughts on “WRT @ 2|The film review as genre … what do we notice?

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